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Ask Sheri – Integrity of Employers

“I was most interested to read about the number of people that are unhappy in the work that they do. I have been unhappy in my job for a number of years now. I try and be positive and thankful for what I have, but I really question the integrity of the people I work for and their motives. ie. Making Business decisions that clearly leave people unhappy and depressed, and the management carry on regardless. Also the fact that they employ family members with no experience in our particular line of work. They overlook dedication and loyalty in people that have worked for them for some time, and rarely acknowledge this. If they do, only as a token gesture, without real feeling. I’m not the only person that feels this way. I believe very much in karma, and that people are given back what they have dished out, however, thus far, this particular group of management show little evidence of having received slights or pinches, that might wake them up to what they are doing. I’m interested to know your opinion on this, and what I might ask my Angels in order to gain the platform to jump on to pastures new, and say ‘bye’ to this group of individuals? Sending you light and love, Steve”

Dear Steve,

Let me first say to those individuals who are considering hiring friends and family, this is rarely a good idea.  It’s one thing if you hire someone close for a temp job like a night of inventory help, but anything long term usually ends in bad feelings.  It might be because they don’t think they have to work as hard as everyone else because they’re related to the boss, or maybe they feel like they deserve more money than the rest, but there is almost always something.

As for Karma, it may not be reaped in this lifetime.  Karma is something that we might not face until we are on our deathbeds translated as a fear of death, or it could be something we face once we’ve passed.  In many cases, it’s something that we carry on into our next lifetime.  It could also be that your employers are currently dealing with Karma from something previous in this lifetime or another.  Maybe there is a reason they have to experience this situation, even if it is causing you heartache.

Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon tale.  Companies all over have learned the “art” of taking advantage of and not appreciating their employees.  Sometimes it’s because they really are not the best people to work for, but sometimes it’s because they’re simply too caught up in whatever is going on with their own lives to notice.  Especially with bosses, it’s easy for them to be so focused on pleasing those above them that they barely acknowledge those below.  It’s not right.  It’s not good, but it is human.

I’ve encountered several clients of late who have worked for employers who have been crossing the line of the law with shady accounting practices and such, and they expect their employees to cooperate.  In cases like this, it is best to move on.  Cooperating in illegal activities can only lead to legal problems yourself and possibly even physical harm, depending on the employer.  For anyone out there experiencing this, it’s best to clear your desk.

In considering your personal situation, Steve, it surprises me that you have stayed loyal to the people you work for.  Your energy shows me that you are a leader who embraces freedom and change; it must be killing you to work for people like this.  In July, you entered into a six year, numerologically speaking.  A six year is about dedication to home and family, and making things better for your family environment.  It can also be a good year financially.  This could be a good time to make a change.  However, just because your energy for this type of change is favorable, it doesn’t imply a job falling from the sky.  I’m sure you know changing jobs is difficult right now for anyone, but difficult is not impossible.  It happens all the time, and it can happen for you.

The advice from your angels urges you to have a concrete plan.  That’s sort-of common sense, but they are talking about connections – making connections.  You need to form a plan and make connections.  It’s possible you find a job through someone you know.  Brush up your resume, and watch for job listings you might be interested in.  Do your homework on the companies and the interviewers whenever possible, and do what you can to connect with them.  Make your resume specific to each company.  If you know Mr. Interviewer is a golfer and you are as well, bring it up.  Everyone wants to work with someone they could actually like.  And, focus on what’s different about you.  What do you have to offer that a recent college grad doesn’t?  What are your strengths, and how does your experience make a difference?  Be prepared to toot your own horn but without overdoing it, of course.  😉  Good luck, Steve.

Wishing you all the best,


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  1. lisa di michele
    lisa di michele says:

    Hi there, I was laid off a few weeks ago and do not know what to do. My family and I will be ‘comfortable’ for a while but I need and want to get back to work soonest possible. It is causing me stress as we have a new baby (10 mths) and I do not want her to ever go without….I am very confused, do you see what is going on? Thank you.


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