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Ask Sheri – How can I tell if my loved ones are sending me messages?

“I would like to know how I can tell if one of my loved ones who has passed is trying to send messages to me or is around me. I have tried to be alert to my surroundings in case some sort of message or sign has come thru.  Could you please put my name on your waiting list for a personal one hr reading with you.  Thank you for your time and consideration.” – Coping in Carmel Township

Dear Coping,

I actually don’t have a waiting list for readings right now because I don’t know when I’m going to be available. I’ve been trying to split my time between caring for a sick family member and working on Angel Messenger business.  My schedule is a bit crazy. I just don’t know from day to day if I’m going to be available for appointments, and I’m still dealing with those little humidity headaches. As much as I love doing readings, my Angels have been urging me to work on other things, and I’m starting to think that maybe that’s why my schedule is so unpredictable.  I’m not saying I’m never going to do readings again, but I’m just not yet sure when I will be able to do them.

However, the question you’ve asked about loved ones is a very good one. I think people try way too hard to communicate, and this makes it harder than it needs to be, resulting in hindering their ability to communicate. When your loved ones are around you, they can hear you. You can talk to them as if they were here. I know it’s not the same. The biggest difference is that we can’t always hear them very well in return. Part of that is because we try so hard.

It seems like every course on psychic development has a different answer.  One will tell you certain a symbol means one thing, and another will say that symbol means something else.  But the truth is that the symbols our loved ones use to communicate with us are just as unique as the symbols in our dreams.  Sure, dreaming of certain symbols or archetypes may be our brains way of relating certain messages to us, but you also have to keep in mind your relationship with those types of symbols. For instance, saying that dreaming about a cat denotes bad luck is only half an answer. For me, dreaming about cats is always good luck because I am very connected to cats and everything they represent. You simply have to be aware of what symbols mean to you.

Now let’s relate that to mediumship. If a psychic were to do a reading for me, and they saw a field of wildflowers, they might interpret what they see based on what wildflowers mean to them. However, if they described what they were experiencing, then they might tell me more about the specific flowers they were seeing in the field, and those flowers – those unique symbols – could mean something very specific to me. This is why I’m so passionate about people learning how to communicate for themselves, without the need for a professional medium. Of course, even I will enjoy a private reading from time to time, but knowing how to communicate and having that open channel with those you love is a priceless gift that everyone should be able to use.

If you would like to know how to connect with your loved ones that have passed on, work with them to create symbolic messages. For instance, my grandfather sends me the symbol of the Daisy usually as his way of saying “hi” or just letting me know that he is near. My husband sees dimes as a symbol from his grandfather. Right after his grandfather died, my husband began seeing dimes everywhere. After going to a psychic, he realized this was his grandfather’s way of creating a communication bridge. The dime used to be the cost of a phone call, and it turned out to actually be a message for my mother-in-law from her father as he always used to tell her to make sure she always had enough money to give him a call, and he would always give her rolls of dimes. Now, the dimes are a symbol for both my husband from his grandfather and for my mother-in-law from her father.

You might be wondering how you figure out what your personal symbols are, without talking to a professional psychic medium.  It’s easy, really. Think about this for a minute. Consider one of your loved ones, and think about something that might have been important to them or maybe could’ve been something important for both of you together. Like with the dimes, there was a personal connection to that item, something my mother-in-law shared with her father. Can you think of something like that? If not, that’s okay. Make something up. Yes, I’m serious. Think of something that you feel represents your loved one, or is somehow special to you, that you would like to use as a symbol of communication. For me, with the Daisy, it’s a symbol I chose because of walks I used to take with Grandpa.  It’s not about the symbolism you will find in a book of flower meanings; it’s about the personal connection between Grandpa and I.  Originally, I was the one that chose the symbol, but Grandpa has used it time and time again to communicate with me, even verifying the connection through several different professional psychics, so I know it works.  😉

When you have decided upon a symbol or symbols, talk with your loved one, and let them know to use the symbol(s) as a way to communicate with you.  Sometimes sending us messages with their spiritual energy is like trying to talk to a stubborn teenager; they can’t get through to us. It’s hard for us to receive messages and hear what they’re saying because they’re talking on a different wavelength, using a different type of energy than what we’re used to. But, when we use something like a symbol that exists in our plane of existence, they can use their energy to urge us to notice things – these symbols – that we can see with our physical eyes. While it’s difficult to trust our intuitive impressions, we are more likely to believe the things that we physically see.  So, create some symbols and see what happens. This is a great exercise that can give you confirmation of the intuitive impressions you receive as well, thus exercising your intuitive muscles by helping you to trust and making you more open.

I hope this information is helpful to you and helps you to connect with your loved ones on the other side.

Angel Blessings,


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