Ask Sheri – How can angels get it so wrong?

“…What do you do if your angels have decided on one particular path for you that you hated? How is it that such powerful beings can get it so wrong? Any clues or have I got it completely wrong?  Thanks, Tracey”

Oh, dear!  Tracey, angels do not decide our paths; we decide.  Angels never make decisions for us.  They can help guide us on our paths, but every decision we make is ultimately ours.  Maybe you feel that you didn’t choose a particular path, but you certainly can choose how to drive on that path.  If the path you’re on is making you unhappy, it might be time to seek an alternate route.  Consider other options available to you.  It is possible that maybe there was a purpose to the path that you can’t clearly see, though.  Maybe that purpose is what led you down that road.  Whatever led you there, it’s important to understand that it is our own free will that takes us down the paths we follow.  Sometimes we consciously decide, but sometimes it’s an unconscious decision or even one we made before being born into this world.

One thing I feel with your energy is that you seem to be taken advantage of at times, or maybe it’s that you give voluntarily but to the point where you almost feel resentful.  Your birth date confirms this, too.  Your life path is an 11, which is the number of the light worker.  Sometimes people with this energy give too much of themselves and have trouble staying grounded.  Do you put too much energy into several different paths but tend to not necessarily complete anything?  This energy could be why.  You have to learn to keep yourself grounded, which will also give you clarity when making decisions.  Physical exercise is a good start.  Meditation is also helpful.  Yoga is excellent as it combines both a physical application and a meditative state.

You should have strong intuition, so you just have to be able to tell the difference between real guidance and your ego.  Your ego will make decisions based on fear and illusion, such as, “It’s the only way …” or “I could do that better … ” or “I’m not educated enough for that …”  True guidance is based in love and honesty and urges you to seek the truth.  Seek alternatives.  Don’t compare yourself as better than or not as good as someone else.  Look at all possibilities available to you.

The day of your birth is an important number as well.  It tells me that the gift you were born into this world with is the ability to take that path of intuitive inspiration you’re on and turn it into something worthwhile.  If you can take one of your grand ideas and form it into a plan of action, you might be surprised at what you can come up with.

Lean on the angels for guidance, dear Tracey, but have the courage and faith in yourself to stand and make the decisions.  We’re people, not puppets!  😉

Angel Blessings,


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