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Ask Sheri – God’s Vengeance

“Dear Rev. Sheri,

In church this morning, some people were talking about what happened in Japan as God’s vengeance.  I don’t know how I feel about that.  I mean, is God really so cruel?”   – Christina

Dear Christina,

I think I must have seen your question mere moments after you submitted it.  I had another question picked out to answer today, but it’s become more than obvious to me that I’m meant to answer this one.  I was looking at video of the devastation on YouTube and couldn’t believe some of the comments I was seeing saying this exact type of thing.  What do they mean by God’s Vengeance?  Do they mean the bombing of Pearl Harbor in WWII?  I’m pretty sure the U.S. itself dished out enough “vengeance” on that one.  I do not see anything good about what happened then, and I don’t see good in what’s happening now.

My energy is maybe more connected to these natural disasters than the average person.  My first experience happened back in December of 2004, the tsunami that hit the Indian Ocean.  I woke up from a horrible nightmare that had me running for the bathroom as nausea overwhelmed my senses.  I could only remember bits and pieces of the dream, but it was one of my very real ones that always scare me half to death.

There was a hotel with tall white pillars, a beach, palm trees, and high waves coming toward the land.  I ran into the water trying to tell everyone to run, but no one would listen to me.  It was like I was the only one seeing the danger.  I was screaming and tried to grab a little girl out of the water, but I couldn’t.  I realized no one could see me, like I was a ghost.  I screamed and cried as the waves hit, and that’s when I woke up.  I had no idea it had actually happened.

All day, I felt like something horrible was going to happen to someone I loved.  I called all of our family members to make sure everyone was okay.  Later, we drove across town to my husband’s family to celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday.  The whole drive there, I felt like I was on the verge of a panic and had to repeatedly calm myself.  I had never felt anything like that before and didn’t understand what was happening.

At some point, someone turned on the television.  The news came on with pictures of the devastation caused by the tsunami.  Until then, I had no idea what had happened.  Scene after scene of the devastation hit me like nothing I could possibly explain.  I saw the hotel with the tall white pillars, the beach and palm trees and so many victims.  Seeing the people that were in my dream, now lifeless.  Children.  It was too much.  Even now, I can barely type this.  It’s still so horrible.  I felt their fear.  I didn’t understand it all then, but what I had felt earlier was my connection the higher realms.  I believe I felt God’s sadness, Heaven’s reaction to what happened. I could never believe, even for one second, that our Creator – the energies that love us so unconditionally – would ever cause such horrific events or punish us in such a way.

My first experience with these events being termed “God’s Vengeance” came about with Katrina hitting New Orleans.  Shortly after that happened, I attended a wedding where I met one of the most ignorant people I have ever met.  Yes, you read that right.  I’m still human, and I get angry.  The man my husband I were sitting next to started talking about the hurricane and how those people deserved to die.  According to this man, New Orleans was being punished for its sins … psychics in particular.  Well, as you can imagine, I didn’t take this very well.  Normally, I tend to be an understanding person, respectful of each individual for where they are in their personal growth and their own spiritual journey.  But, in this case, I wanted to slap this man.  I know I shouldn’t have felt that way, and I’m ashamed to admit it, but I couldn’t believe someone could think such a thing, much less say it out loud to a stranger.  He was such a hateful person.  I didn’t cause any harm to him, but I did leave him standing there looking like the ignorant fool he was – again, I acknowledge my human emotions here.  I was sick, and we left shortly thereafter.

I have been steadily praying for all those touched by the horrific events caused by the changes to our environment and how our planet is reacting to these changes.  These changes will affect us all, and we should – as human beings – feel connected and empathic toward those experiencing the worst of it.  From the floods in Australia to the recently devastated Japan, these are our people!  They are all human beings and connected to us all!

How do I know God isn’t punishing these people?  Because I felt what Heaven felt with the destruction caused by the Indian Ocean and because I still feel the great sadness that reaches across the ocean now.  I know people have all kinds of Bible verses and messages from other religious books backing up their opinions on what they feel is “God’s wrath”, but I will never believe it.  Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, and I do not intend to offend anyone for their personal beliefs and do respect everyone on their own personal journey.  However, with respect to this question, I’m giving my answer.

I have never once experienced the hatefulness of such human comments from the spirit world.  The energy I feel from the Divine has always come from a place of love and compassion.  Our creator – God, the Goddess, Allah, however you prefer – has never given me any reason to believe such things would be caused by Divine influence.

Christina, you should be commended on seeing through what other people see and thinking for yourself.  Religion can be a very good thing, but we have to remember that it’s also made up of people, and people are not infallable.  People are afraid of what might happen to them, so they make up reasons of why these tragedies happened elsewhere.  “Those people deserved it, but that will never happen here.”  Fear breeds ignorance, and ignorance breeds more fear.

Instead of giving in to ignorance, fear and even the anger that I still obviously struggle with, we should be focusing on love and compassion and what we can do to help heal our world.  Send love and compassion to those affected.  Give financially, if you can.  Pray for them.  Meditate and ask Heaven to send angels in for aid.

Lately, I’ve been doing my Chakra Healing with the Angels Meditation more because of the end section where the energy you work with in the meditation is sent out through the world and our universe.  I use this meditation to help me channel Divine healing energy out to those places needing extra help right now.  I encourage anyone reading this to do the same or at least send out some positive thoughts to our brothers and sisters across the world.  Light a candle for those who have been lost and those that remain behind.  Use the flickering of your single flame to add to the others sending out their own love and prayers.  Whether you are in Europe, Australia, Japan, the United States or Timbuktu, we are all the same people.  We are one!

In my recent post regarding teen suicides in my area, I talked about Light and Darkness.  I believe we all have Light and Darkness within us, but we choose what side to take.  We choose who we are.  Will we give in to Darkness with our ignorance and hate, or will be embrace the Light with love and compassion?  We all have that choice.  That is what God gives us … choice — free will.  We have the choice to create our own destruction, or we can create a world where one people stand together.

In Light and Love,


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5 replies
  1. Rev. Sheri
    Rev. Sheri says:


    What you’re asking is probably more of a question about personal faith and belief systems. While my “rant” / answer to this question was more against those who feel others deserve destruction, I didn’t give further explanation on purpose. You’ve called me out on that. 😉

    I avoided saying more because I feel passionately about this topic, and I don’t want to step on any toes. However, I do not feel that God causes devastation. I am one of those people who were brought up to believe otherwise, that God punishes us with weather and other supernatural forces, but my experiences had me nixing that belief a long time ago.

    I do not believe any of what’s going on now was caused by Divine intervention. I do, however, believe what we are seeing has something to do with natural consequences.

    As Daffy Duck would say, “Consequences Shmonsequences.” Well, I think we’ve said that a bit too much, and it’s coming back to bite us.

    Heaven isn’t interfering with the path we have chosen because we freely chose it; they’re quite big on free will up there.

    Do I believe the Divine hopes we can turn this around or make the best out of a horrible situation, thus improving the development of our souls and forcing us to be less self-absorbed and more compassionate toward others? Yeah, I would think so. I believe our heavenly guardians want what’s best for us.

    So, why do they want what’s best for us but don’t save us from ourselves? Well, now that’s a much more complicated answer. I don’t pretend to know everything about how Heaven works, but I view our heavenly guardians much the way I view good parents.

    Would a parent knowingly let their child die before their time? Absolutely not, and our guardian angels would prevent that from happening to us as well. However, an earthly parent might never allow their child to perish, but heavenly beings have a different viewpoint and understand things differently than we do. Our “heavenly parents” watch over, protect, teach and guide us to the best of their ability, but they won’t make decisions for us. Unlike many earthly parents, our heavenly parents don’t always let us avoid the consequences of our actions either.

    Even though the situation with Japan is heartbreaking and horrible in most every way, every situation presents an opportunity to grow and learn. How we as humans respond to such tragedy will determine our most defining moments. Who are humans? What has become of humanity? Will we create more destruction and chaos, and will there be a silver lining to all this? Only time will tell as those questions will be answered by the free will our beloved selves.

    ~ Sheri

  2. cindy
    cindy says:

    Hi Sheri

    I wanted to know the real answer to this question.I know god didnt do it out of vengeance.I wanted to know whether its a time of planetery karma for us all.Does god really have no control over environmental effects and is it really caused by the development of buildings by humans?.You said you felt the sadness of the divine.I wanted to know even if god did it ,is it for our souls development to become people focused less on ourselves and materialistic items but more of love and compassion for others?

    When the incident happened to JAPAN.I felt really sad…I didnt think oh god is so cruel..i knew there must be a bigger plan for it,Because i do know JAPAN is a country of people with so much of love,compassion and respect and giving people to one another even in the time of crisis.Did god perhaps want us to see how this nation reacts for one another in crisis in such a calm manner compared to other nations?

  3. Rev. Sheri
    Rev. Sheri says:

    Thank you both for commenting. I received quite a few comments through my email on this one. It’s clear some people do really think negatively about what these weather patterns mean, but others do have a more enlightened way of looking at all of this.

    While all the negativity does make me upset, I have to realize that not everyone thinks the same way and are not meant to. We all believe what we believe because of a combination of who we are and our environments.

    As difficult as it is for me to understand why anyone would believe anyone “deserves” such a horrible experience, my challenge is to love and understand those individuals for who they are as well. I’ve always had difficulty understanding those types of thought patterns, but it’s not fair for me to judge them either.

    In a way, my anger at their words is just as bad as their negative reaction. We are all human, and I’m no different. I’ve never said otherwise, and I’m not ashamed to share who I am … the positives and the challenges. I own my feelings and my anger at the hatred expressed by others. But, now I am challenging myself to address that anger in a more positive way.

    I understand that my own anger will do nothing more than add to the collective and in effect accomplish the opposite of what I’m aiming for. Love never comes from anger, but anger can be an illusion created out of love. I’m angry because I have love for those who are hurt, and channeling the anger only causes more hurt. It is most helpful to focus as much of my energy as possible on loving those who are hurting and sending love to those experiencing the hatred.

    I believe many of those who lash out with such negativity are more or less afraid for their own safety and do not know how to deal with that, so sending them love will help them more than my anger.

    With all my love,


  4. Susan
    Susan says:

    Sheri, I love that you are so real, so human. I myself would have said something to the guy at the wedding, wanting to smack him wouldn’t have been enough for me I don’t think. 😉

    I completely agree with you,too. This isn’t about God’s vengeance but something much more based on energy and what has happened and is happening to our environment, partly because of what WE have done to it.

    Thanks for who you are,



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