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Ask Sheri – Do All These Spiders Mean Something?

“Hi Rev.Sheri, I have been seeing spiders. Like in my praying corner there was a spider then i killed it then after a few days another one appeared similar in size and color and I killed it again. I saw a different spider in the bath room and i killed it then on the same place i saw another one after a few days which i just left it. Today i found a spider in my praying corner similar to the two i killed and i left it alone. Do all these spiders mean something?”  ~ Spidergirl

Hi Spidergirl!  First, I’m going to state the obvious … It’s spring; spiders are everywhere!!!  😉  Okay, now I’ll tell you there is a message in the spiders.  Sure, it is spring, and lots of people are seeing lots of spiders, but I’m seeing the meaning behind you seeing them in the spot where you pray.  You’ve been asking for a message, and you’re being given the answer in the form of spiders.  All creatures are extensions of spirit and therefore can be used as messengers.

The web of the spider represents the creation of life.  The web is everything to the spider; it’s his home and the way he gathers food for survival.  The web is the creation of the spider’s life.  The spiritual meaning of the spider has to do with bridging the gap between the past, present and the future as well as the choices we’ve made while making our own web.  It’s about analyzing our decisions and seeing how they affect our path. 

I believe the spider is a message to you to take a life inventory of where you are at in your life, what has led you to this place and where you would like to go from here.  Your personal path in this life is one of spiritual and self-discovery.  Now is the time for you to take a moment and evaluate how you’re doing.

Here’s are a few resources that might interest you as well …




Archangel Uriel is also very helpful when doing life inventories.  Ask for his assistance in helping you to shed light on and remain objective to the truth.

Wishing you much peace and blessings, Spidergirl.  🙂

~ Sheri

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5 replies
  1. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    Hi Sheri,
    I thought I would write a post concerning what happened to me just last night. As I was getting ready for bed I was half naked while walking into another room to get a shirt. Out of the blue this huge very light brown/clearish spider dropped down from one thread of it’s web and stopped me in it’s track while hanging in mid-air within 6 inches of my face/body! I froze and just stared at it. Then it fell to the floor and stayed there motionless. I’ve always been creaped out by spiders my whole life. I said I was sorry to it but that I had to kill it. If I didn’t they would multiply in my living space etc! So I did but felt bad afterwards as I don’t like killing any animals but there was no way I could possibly carry that spider outside lol! Just wondering what message it may have had for me? ????

    • Annemarie, Angel Messenger Support
      Annemarie, Angel Messenger Support says:

      Hi Kelly,

      I would suggest clicking on the links in Rev. Sheri’s article that you read where it explains different meanings a spider has. I know it can be challenging to remain objective when trying to figure out meanings. I would ask the angels what message they are trying to get across to you and watch for additional signs. See what shows up, more spiders, another animal or other signs. You can also visit our angel readings, ask a specific questions and see what answers come. The angel readings are here

      Hope this helps 🙂

  2. Shannon
    Shannon says:

    Hi I have been seeing a spider massive huntsman I’m petrified of spiders so I pretty much go in to having an anexiety attack. It’s in my house and mostly around when I’m alone when my I get my partner to look for it it’s no where to be seen I even think I just seen it fly in my room can you please tell me what this could me? And wat I need to do to get rid of it thank u


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