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“Rev. Sheri, incredibly kind of you to offer people an opportunity to ask a question. I was curious if you had any advice for me as far as deciphering the dreams I have. [nocturnal/sleep state]. Thank you for your time.”   – Yvonne

Dear Yvonne,

Deciphering dreams can be quite complex.  While it’s true that there may be universal symbols and archetypes in dreams, it is also true that those symbols can be unique to the dreamer.  There are hundreds of books you can buy on dreams symbols, meanings and what they mean to you.  However, dreams can also be quite simple to decipher on your own.

Most dream dictionaries will tell you just about the same things.  Dreaming of cats can be an ill omen.  Dreams of falling can symbolize life being out of control.  “Can” is the operative word, though.

Let’s take myself for example … lets say I have a dream about being surrounded by wandering black cats.  Someone who doesn’t know me might say that I am surrounded by bad luck, but that would be wrong.  Cats, for me, are a wonderful symbol – especially black cats.  Anyone who has followed my blog for any length of time would know that I absolutely LOVE animals, and cats are my favorite.  I have four and would gladly add to that number if I could.  For me, a dream of cats would signify becoming more in tune with my feminine power, creativity, magick and intuition.  Black cats are specifically a magical symbol for me.

The most important part of deciphering what a symbol means for you is to think about how you feel about that object in regular every day life.  If you hate cats, dreaming of cats would have a completely different meaning for you.  You can use a dream dictionary to get an idea of what your dreams mean, but make sure to trust your own intuition when relating symbols to your own dreams.  Dreams, after all, are either our brains way of dealing with things we can’t process in our wake state … or, they are messages from our higher self, our angels, guides and even our loved ones.  Trusting your intuition about your dreams is basically remembering the information that comes from your dreams – information that only your higher self would remember in a wake state.

If you would like to work on understanding your dreams, the first step is to get a dream journal.  It can be a fine leather bound journal, or it can be just a regular ringed notebook – which are quite cheap right now with back to school season.  The most important part of keeping a dream journal is to make sure it’s accessible.  Keep it right next to your bed with a working pen.  As soon as you wake up, jot down anything you remember.  Don’t get out of bed and make that morning trip to the bathroom – write in your journal first.  The longer you wait to write in your journal after waking, the more information will be lost.

If you don’t own a dream dictionary, search online for free sources.  Dreammoods is a great website on dreams and dream meanings.  Remember, dreams can be your minds way of giving you clues about your waking life – about the people and happenings therein.  If your dreams have you distrusting something or someone, there might be a reason for that.  Maybe it’s your own unfounded fear, or maybe there’s some other reason.  Pay attention to the little things in your dreams, especially your emotions.  Our dreams are a playground for the soul to connect with those in higher realms and bring that information into our waking conscious lives.  Dreams take us to the heart of who we really are.  They are not to be easily dismissed.

Dream on, dreamer!

~ Sheri

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