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Ask Sheri – Curse in my House?

“I am wondering with these pains that come sometimes in my chest and on my head and this ladie says that she feels a curse in my house.  I have used the cleansing I think maybe she has something in her that should be telling her to not come here.  She said she got sick after she left my home, but other people come here and feel free and relaxed.  What’s wrong with this picture?  She seems to be the kind of person who wants to control … my home.  [She] says that she is a christian and God talks to her …”   –  Joan

Dear Joan,

It sounds like you are wary of this woman and have good reason.  Trust your intuition here.  I have spoken out in the past against psychics who scam people, and this may very well be something similar.  Not only are there people out there who will give you fraudulent services in exchange for your hard earned money, there are also people out there who will trade you for your control, dignity and even your attention.

I myself learned this the hard way.  When I first began doing readings professionally, I opened myself up to a whole new world and a spiritual community that I freely and fully invested myself into.  Well, let’s just say that I learned a painful lesson that not all “spiritually minded” humans are created equal.  We are all human for a reason; we are all fallable.  Not a single human being on this planet is perfect, and spiritual teachers are no exceptions.  Seriously, I’ll be the first to tell you I’m not perfect either.  I have much to learn!  My point, however, is that there are people out there who will take advantage of you, no matter how spiritual or christian you deem them to be.  While it is important to trust others, you have to trust yourself as well, and it sounds like yourself is telling you not to trust this woman.  I think yourself is right!

She may not be someone who is trying to wring money from your checkbook, but it sounds like she might be someone who is looking for attention for maybe even control.  Sometimes those that lack control in their own lives do seek to have it over others.  While I do not feel any sort of negative energy blanket covering your home, I do feel like this woman does not have your best interest at heart.  Then again, I don’t think you have to be psychic to see that.  You’ve done a pretty good job of listening to your own intuition; now you need to trust that little voice inside yourself.

I do suggest that you do some cleansing in your home and on your own energy.  The smoke of white sage works really well.  For those out there who are sensitive to smoke, you can also open up all your windows to let in some fresh, cleansing air.  Then visualize the room/house being filled with divine white light and cleansing away anything that isn’t in the highest good of those who live there.  Call on Archangel Michael for assistance in cleansing away negative energy.

It’s important to also note here that some people are more sensitive than others.  EMF’s, or electromagnetic fields, can be created by leaking electrical energy from old or poor wiring.  (An electrician can check this for you, or you can purchase your own EMF detector, easily found online.)  EMF’s can make people feel sick, get headaches, become lightheaded and even paranoid.  Some people don’t have any sensitivities to this type of energy, but some are highly sensitive.  If you’ve ever watched Ghost Hunters, EMF’s are one of the first things they look for in a house believed to have paranormal activity as they can be mistaken for something paranormal when they’re not.

Even if we give your friend the benefit of the doubt and say she might just be sensitive to the electrical energy in your home, she shouldn’t be telling you your house is cursed.  Even with the best intentions, statements like that are simply irresponsible.  First of all, curses are an illusion of ill will based on someone’s negative energy; they only have power if you believe them to.  With that said, my experience has shown me that the person voicing the existence of a “curse” usually has something to do with creating what they are seeing.  Whether her motive is control or getting attention from you, you are right to be wary of this friend.

As for your physical symptoms, you should see a doctor.  However, especially if a doctor cannot explain your symptoms, you might also want to have someone check for leaking electrical energy in your home as this could definitely be causing what you’ve described.  Other people visiting your home might not notice because they are not in your home long enough to notice.  Being that you live there, though, you would be more exposed to the energy than anyone.  If there is an electrical leak, it can’t be cleared away with energetic cleansing.

Sending positive energy your way,


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