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Dear Rev. Sheri,

I have been practicing Kriya Yoga since the past four years and have gained a lot of clarity in various areas of spirit and can identify meaningful coincidences a lot of times as well as remain detached.. however this one situation beats me… I have a tremendous crush on an Indian actor which developed when I started dreaming of all of a sudden, a yr ago…

Even I aspire to be an actress and am preparing for film school.. so my logical mind does understand that having him as a role model is perhaps ok.. but there are strange coincidences that make me feel that we are strongly linked on another plane .. like the other day when I clicked on a soulmate site.. a commercial of his popped up which never happened with my friends who had suggested the site.. also once when I was waiting for my bus on a romantic rainy evening and praying to God 4 a soulmate, a bus painted with an enormous poster of him appeared right before me. Every time I am sad or angry or ungrounded, a song of one of his films miraculously starts playing on the streets or flies out from a passing car or a commercial of his stares at me from a billboard or railway station. Even text messages or Bollywood reviews concerning him flashes on my cell phone, just to uplift me.

I have tried to put all of this behind me since it uses a lot of mind space and realistically speaking my chances of meeting him are slim in the next two years of film school and its rigor. Also my family and friends think that someone more intellectually oriented than him would be suited as my mate since I am very intellectually curious and have a no. of academic degrees under my belt while he has just completed high school. I am cognizant of this difference yet there is something about him that just pull very deeply at my heartstrings.. On watching his interviews, I feel we are birds of the same flock, his opinions, words and gestures mirror mine. An acquaintance just remarked off handedly (much to my amazement) that there was something about him that reminded her of me… my spirit to be precise is what she said.

[He] is again a very spiritual guy … has managed to navigate the film world without compromising on his ethics. Thus apart from obsessing about him, I respect him a lot too and keep saying to the Lord, “Thy will be done” however, I get restless again… and seek answers… I have tried ur free “ask a simple question and soulmate readings” which further confuse me as one week the cards would say “yes your intuition (of [Him] being my soulmate) IS CORRECT” at another time “Dream Big” yet another week “Explore your options” and then again “Stay optimistic.. don’t quit before the miracle occurs” and then even “soul mate relationship” or “Daniel, the angel of marriage” on two occasions.

I keep trying to forget him and carry on with my life or to divert my attn with other focused tasks yet the coincidences and dreams keep on happening and are rather hard to ignore..  I will be sincerely grateful if you could shine some light on this issue too.


Confused with Coincidences

Dear Confused with Coincidences,

It can be easy to get confused when using angel cards – partly because it’s difficult to remain objective when we’re asking our own questions, but sometimes it’s just difficult to see the deeper meanings, the deeper connections.  I can see why you would be attracted to this actor.  Your energies are similar in many ways and would blend together quite well in a relationship.  There is no doubt he is probably a soulmate to you as well, but that doesn’t necessarily imply you will marry him.  When we see a soulmate, especially one who’s famous and easily draws our attention, it is not unusual to feel an instant connection with him/her.  Being a soulmate to a person simply means that you’ve lived a lifetime connected to them before.  I don’t know what the connection is you had before, but I too can feel something there.  In this life, though, I believe it’s what he represents that draws you.  Everything you described … “his opinions, words …” as what attracts you are behaviors you look for in a partner.  These are signals to you of what you desire.

With the cards, I will try to explain further …

The soulmate card usually does imply that a person was somehow connected to you in a past life, but it can be the person you are asking about or a new relationship on the horizon.  Getting the “Dream Big” card in this situation might be telling you to open up your options and think about all possibilities – not just this one man.  There are many options; there are bigger things to reach for – which would also explain the “Explore Your Options” card.  As for staying optimistic, well, you might have been putting a little negative energy out there.  If you are looking for a relationship with this one man and spending time focusing on this one relationship with no fulfillment, your soul will begin to feel discontent and sadness.  Keeping your spirits up also helps bring opportunities into your life.  Don’t give up on finding love; don’t give up on your image of what love should be, but don’t blind yourself to possibilities, either.  Live, Laugh, Love … as they say.  You know what feeling energy, breathing in life, does for your body-mind-spirit connection.

The Daniel card … Yes, he’s a little stinker, isn’t he?  He doesn’t always mean what he says.  This card can be misinterpreted as it does not always imply you will find marriage with the person you are asking about.  Sometimes, as I believe it is with your question, this card is merely related to marriage.  Translation:  This relationship is supposed to teach you about marriage – somehow affect your feelings, expectations and even outcome of marriage.

My advice is to allow this energy to blossom within you as a source of joy and inspiration.  Allow this energy to lift you up, bring you happiness, hope for the future, and be open to whatever that future might unfold before you.

Wishing you much love and blessings,


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2 replies
  1. C T
    C T says:

    Dear Rev. Sheri,

    Thank you for replying to my question. I was touched and extremely glad to have recieved such an indepth analysis of the situation. Ipored over every word many times and the more I read, the more convinced I became that you had managed to clear away most of the fog regarding this person in my mind. Yes I am letting the love blossom without any guilt! 🙂

    The coincidences are continuing but I am not as perturbed by tham as I would have been… however, there is still as overwhelming need to be with him someow, at times I am tryinghard to stick to the Mantra LIVE, LAUGH AND LOVE (as you so succintly put it). It would be nice if you could put up something on how to get rid of OBSESSION also when you get a few spare moments though your other posts like “the power to enjoy life” are extremely helpful. Thanks!

    Once again, I am sincerely grateful. This truly means a lot to someone from the other side of the world.

    Love and Light,


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