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Ask Sheri – Confused About Psychics

“Hi Rev. Sheri, what if a psychic says something in a reading that does not sit right with me? I have a friend who has a cheating husband, and she sleeps in another room because of it. A psychic told her to move back to the room with him. I am sure the psychic meant well, but she did not feel right about doing that while he is cheating. I too have been told things in readings that do not fit me. Could it be the psychic has a different personality, perspective? Or, are they getting that information from our guides? Ultimately, shouldn’t we follow our own gut feelings? Thank you.”

Thank you.  This is such a great question.  You should always follow your own gut feelings when it comes to listening to someone else – including psychics.  Psychics are not really the all-knowing, infallible creatures we are believed to be.  There are quite a few factors that determine the accuracy of anyone who practices the intuitive arts.  First and foremost, the one thing that affects future predictions the most is free will, and this is something completely out of the practitioner’s control.  When a practitioner sees the future, they usually see it as it stands at that moment.  They might be able to see some other possibilities or variations of the outcome depending on certain variables, but free-will is a big factor affecting accuracy of readings.

With all that said, psychics can be wrong.  It could be the person wasn’t feeling quite themselves on the day of the reading, or it could be they misinterpreted the message.  I know for myself, some guides give me symbols, some give me feelings, and some give me examples from my own life or knowledge base to share.  I have to interpret what they are trying to tell me through those thoughts, feelings and symbols, and sometimes I’m wrong.  In fact, I have told clients things like, “This is what I’m seeing, feeling, etc., and this is what I think it means, but what does it mean to you?”  What a person’s spirit guides or guardian angels are telling me could be a unique symbol for that person and not anything that needs to be interpreted at all.  I’ve just remembered something I saw in a recent reading which was a single red rose in the middle of a wheat field.  I had no idea what this was supposed to mean, but it was something quite significant for the client.  I hadn’t even tried to interpret what I saw because it made no sense to me, so I shared exactly what I was seeing, and that was exactly what I was meant to do.

It’s difficult to say what happened with your friend and her reading, but I always tell people to follow their gut instinct.  After all, you are the one you must live with your choices and the repercussions of your actions – or lack thereof.  I’m wondering if it is possible that psychic meant for your friend to try and rekindle her intimate relationship with her husband, but there are other ways of doing that besides sharing a room or bed with him.  If I were in that particular situation, I might feel humiliated by sleeping with a man I know might have been with someone else before crawling in next to me; maybe she’s not ready for that step.  Maybe try something else.

If your friend would like to try and revitalize her marriage, maybe she needs to rekindle intimacy in other ways.  For example, she probably doesn’t feel very good about herself.  Maybe it would help her to do something for herself that makes her feel good – and even sexy; like wearing pretty undergarments, buying a new sweater that brings out the color of her eyes or having a hair style makeover.  What I am saying here is that if your friend wants her straying husband to come home, she needs to do something to get his attention – physically.  There is power in “accidentally” leaving something normally unseen on the bathroom floor, by the way.  😉

Emotion is another aspect to take advantage of.  Many women see men as primarily physical creatures, but in truth, they are not so different from us.  A true, emotional connection is vital to finding real intimacy with a partner, and men do need that.  Doing things that show him she cares are important, too.  It is completely understandable to want to completely pull away from someone who’s cheating on you, but if your friend wants to save her marriage, pulling away from him isn’t going to achieve the desired result.

Above all, communication is the absolutely the most important part of any relationship – especially marriage.  Your friend needs to talk to her husband.  Seek marital counseling, if they are up for that.  Find out what he’s lack in his life that is creating this need to be with other women.  It could be something to do with his job, even.  I don’t know your friend or her husband, but I will tell you there is a power struggle going on with this man.  Being with these other women makes him feel like more of a man somehow.  Somewhere in his life, power is being taken away from him, and his actions are in part a way to get that power back.  It’s definitely a non-productive pattern, but it’s his pattern.  He needs to find a better way of dealing with this challenge.  He needs to feel strong and powerful, and the bedroom is surely a place where a man can find that.  Unfortunately, this man isn’t looking in his own bedroom, and that is where the problem lies.

So, yes, the answer to your question is that you should trust your instincts.  There might be times when a person simply doesn’t want to listen to something a psychic tells them because they’re not ready to hear it, or at least they believe they’re not ready to hear it.  Some psychics can also be a bit harsh in how they relay information, creating a defensive wall where acceptance should be.  That’s why it’s important to find a good fit.  Maybe that psychic’s personality is just too different from her own.  She needs to find a practitioner she feels comfortable with.  Even if and when that person is wrong (because no psychic is perfectly accurate), trust your gut and go with that.  I once went to a psychic who told me I would never accomplish a task I had been working on.  She was wrong about her assessment, but what she said to me made me upset enough that I pushed even harder to achieve my goal.  So, was she really wrong, or did she say exactly what she was meant to say?  Food for thought …

I pray this information is found to be helpful as it is meant to be.  I realize this post may be a bit different than the norm.  Please, take what you need, and leave the rest behind.

Angel Blessings,


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4 replies
  1. Simona
    Simona says:

    Hi Sheri!

    I just wanted say that I really enjoyed this article. One of my friends has a problem with a boyfriend who I think maybe isn’t the best one suited for her. But this article gave me some good perspective on the matter!

  2. Rev. Sheri
    Rev. Sheri says:

    Hi Luch! Actually, your question sort-of goes with this question, so I’ll just answer it here. It is really a personal preference whether a practitioner chooses to be vegan or vegetarian. Some people feel that not eating meat products does help them be a more open channel, while others channel wonderfully being on a diet that does include meat. I, myself, do not eat much red meat; however, I am not a vegetarian. There are many ways in which to keep a body balanced and pure, even if you do eat meat products. Some people have to avoid meat, dairy, gluten, etc because of allergies or other reasons. Yes, being vegan or vegetarian can have it’s benefits, but some of us do better with a diet that does include red meat. Just like some people are very sensitive to soaps and lotions, while others have no such sensitivities. I have to be very careful what kind of laundry detergent I use and what dishwashing detergent I use. I cannot use any dish detergent or cleaners with artificial lemon because I’ll break out into hives. I also break out in hives from emotional connections to people that are unhealthy. It just depends on the person, really. So, I guess if your asking if you have to be a vegan or vegetarian to be a good psychic, the answer would be no. I hope this helps. 😉

  3. Luch
    Luch says:

    Hi Rev. Sheri, thanks so much for this message is so true in all aspects, lol in regards to the Psychics and regards to the advice you give on the marriage…

    Me too I have had advice from Psychics that is 50% say yes and 50% say no… but I still decide for myself even if I risk making a mistake… a bigger mistake would be to ignore my feelings and desires… is better to have loved than not love at all…

    I submitted a question about psychics too… I was asking if they have/need to be vegetarians to be more accurate… I know I shouldn’t post it in here… I’m sorry if it bothers you…


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