Ask Sheri – Can you help me get through all this?

“I have just had to tell my friends daughter that her father had just killed himself. It was the hardest thing yet I have had to get through. I was at work today trying to make it through the day when I just lost it because no one knew and they were talking about other deaths. I didn’t want to be at work today and I really don’t want to be working any more. I feel so pushed and pulled and have done for quite some time now. I am trying to look after everyone else and especially my Daughter who has been taking on the task of being with her best friend who’s dad it was that died. I feel alone right now, I’m running out of energy and strength and want to not go back to work at all. Do you have anything that you can tell me that will help me get through all of this?”  – M. Nicol

Dear Friend,

I’m sorry you’ve been struggling with this all alone.  It sounds like your energy is exhausted.  A person who is always there for other people needs to replenish their strength more than normal people do.  Trust me, I know this.  You have put too much on your own shoulders without recharging yourself.  I know it feels like you have to.  I know it feels like you have to keep going and doing your best for everyone else, but you can’t keep going and can’t keep doing your best without any gas in your tank.  You wouldn’t expect your car to run on fumes, and it’s a machine!

Our bodies are not made to withstand this kind of treatment.  You have to treat yourself with love and care before you can truly give your best to everyone else.  My heart goes out to you, dear sister.  This was quite a burden to bear, for both you and your daughter.  Make sure you both make time to recharge.  If you can, take some time off.  Even if it’s only a day, take that day.  Don’t fill the day with needless errands, either.  Just take some time for yourself to heal and to breathe.

I will say a prayer for you and call upon angels for aid.  Some angels you should work with now are Archangel Azrael (for finding peace and aid with grief for both the father and those left behind), Archangels Gabrielle and Uriel (for nurturing and emotional healing) and of course Archangel Micheal (for much needed strength).

When your energy is depleted like this, it is difficult to find joy or even purpose in the day to day.  Recharge yourself for starters, then move on to finding happiness in your day.  I ran across a quote today that really meant something to me.  Maybe it will help you …

“The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.” — Allan K. Chalmers

It’s going to take some time for you feel better about having to be the bearer of such information, but it’s good that it came from you.  I know it might be difficult to see it that way, but it’s truth.  You have a kind and loving energy anyway.  It was much better to hear it from someone who cares about her than a stranger or someone else.  You did a good thing for her.

When you’re put in a situation like that, you have to heal yourself, too.  You’ve taken on some of their pain.  It’s probably difficult for you to look at or think about her.  Maybe you feel some guilt, but I really hope you don’t.  You have nothing to feel guilty about.  As I said, you did something good.

I really hope you can take at least a day out for yourself.  At the minimum, and even with that day, take some time out to breathe every day.  Just take five minutes for yourself and breathe out stress and low energy.  Call on Michael, and breathe in his Divine strength.

My thoughts, love and prayers are with you,


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