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“First, I love your website and I am so glad you are feeling better!!! Without being able to schedule an appointment with you, I use the free Angel Card readings a lot. They were answering with a move to a new job or home and I got a new job! I have been single for years, and I have been getting the Daniel, Chantall and Soulmates cards lately. What is the difference with interpreting these cards? The last time you read for me, you said you saw me talking to my soulmate next to pumpkins and hay. I have a hayride coming up – how will I recognize if my soulmate is there?”

First of all, congrats on the new job! And Happy early Birthday!!! I’m not sure about this hayride in particular. The energy seems a bit confusing, but I think that might be because you sent your question about three weeks ago. I’m assuming the hayride is now in the past … sorry I didn’t get to your question quicker, but I will try to give you as much as I can. Your question is a good one.

If you keep getting those cards – Daniel, Chantall, and the Soulmate Relationship, I would definitely say that you’ve either already recently met your soul mate or are about to meet him.

“Daniel” represents the angel of marriage – telling you that the question/relationship/issue you are asking about has something to do with a marital relationship. It could be actual marriage, especially if your asking for the purpose of a relationship. Or, it could be that maybe you’re supposed to learn something about the specific question/relationship/issue that has something to do with marriage, or moving toward marriage, or healing issues about marriage … something to do with marriage, though.

“Chantall” is a beautiful card which basically represents love. It could mean that you’ve been desiring love and it’s now coming to you. When you see her card, be prepared to open your heart and soul to strong emotion. It’s important to note that this can be with a new person or maybe someone from the past/present. If it is someone from the past or present, she might be telling you that the relationship has grown or will grow to a new level.

The “Soulmate Relationship” card can be talking about a romantic relationship, or it can be talking about an important relationship with someone else. A soul mate is simply someone you’ve lived at least one other lifetime with. So, yes it definitely can have something to do with new love and/or marriage, but this card could also be talking to you about a friend, family member or even a business associate. It just depends on the context of the question and the other cards.

These three cards are very similar. I hope my explanation will help you see the subtle differences. As for knowing when you meet your soul mate, trust your gut! Our instincts, intuition can tell us a great deal – especially when it comes to our soul recognizing someone from our past.

You seem to be moving with good forward momentum, so that is good for new beginnings and new relationships. I will tell you that your upcoming birthday has you entering an energy where you might want to be a little more of a hermit; you’ll want to pull into yourself more, like a turtle going inside his shell. Solitude can be a good thing, but if you want to meet Mr. Right, you might have push yourself to get out and maybe reach a little beyond your comfort zone.

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