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Ask Sheri – Am I a Writer?

“Am I a writer? I have been struggling with this question for probably 20 years.” – Johani versus Writing

Dear Johani,

Writing can be a dastardly and formidable foe, and I seem to be getting quite a few questions from potential writers lately.  Makes me wonder if I’m not missing something … hmmm.  Are you a writer?  Is it in your soul?  You definitely have the energy and the potential to be a writer.  Your question was the first one I read this morning, and I was immediately drawn to your energy.  You have the essential creative energies it takes to be a writer.  The gift you have brought into this life is your creativity and ability to express those talents, so the question here really might be is why haven’t you been writing?

Countless people dream of becoming a writer, but so few achieve that dream in comparison.  Why?  More times than not, it’s because they lack the passion and drive it takes to see their project to completion.  You are creative, there is no doubt in that, but it takes more than a good idea to see success in writing.  And sometimes even the visualization of that success can hinder a writer because they fear success even more than they do failure.  Take comfort in knowing you’re not the only soul out there with this same challenge.

It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day and let our dreams slide.  You’ve been busy with other things, and that’s fine.  However, if you wish to become a writer, you will have to make some changes.  You will have to dedicate time and energy into your dream long before it can become a reality.  You’ve done this to a point.  Maybe you’ve written something small at one time, but I feel like it’s been while since you’ve really put in the effort.

Life is about passion and experiences.  Experience life for all it has to offer, and find that passionate place inside you that will give you the fire you need to see your dream become reality.  You can do more, be more.

You probably have a few things to learn here and there, but every good writer knows they are never done learning.  Don’t let fear and insecurity of not being good enough hold you back.  I thought about starting a blog about a year before I actually started writing in one, and part of that was due to fear of sharing that part of myself with others.  Still, I go back and read some things and think how I should have worded that differently or added something there.  I will always be able to see where I could do better, but letting that hold me back would probably mean I would never share anything with anyone.  I decided that I just can’t live life like that.  I hope you come to that same conclusion.

You should write.  Just start writing.  It doesn’t have to be anything major, but do start writing.  A journal might be a great idea for you.  You can even write about what you think is holding you back with becoming a writer.  It doesn’t matter what you write about.  Start somewhere with something, and that somewhere and something can lead to other wheres and things.  Don’t struggle with the question any longer.  Answer it.  You are a writer if you write.  Do you?

Hoping you find that creative passion,


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