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Several practitioners have contacted me recently wanting me to refer my clients to them while I’m unable to offer appointments, but there are several reasons I cannot do that.  I really do not feel comfortable referring anyone to someone I don’t know.  Many of these practitioners said they were previous clients, and I do appreciate that, but I have not personally experienced the services of these practitioners.  While some I do believe are really good at what they do, I risk upsetting people if I start referring some but not others.  The referrals I have offered in the past have been with people I have personally worked with.  I have either used their services or worked with them on some professional level, and that is why I felt comfortable referring my clients to those people.

With that said, I have searched for an alternative to offer my clients during this time.  I will also say that I recently received a notice from the city stating the construction may not last all summer, so I may be able to offer appointments sooner than expected.  However, in the meantime, I have found an alternative.

At first, I searched for an online service like Keen where I could offer my services at times when the construction is quiet.  With Keen, I could include a banner on my site that said when I was online and available for readings.  When the noise picks up again, I could just go offline.  I looked at Keen and several other sites, and I actually signed up for a Keen account, but I just don’t feel right about going with one of those companies.  I’ve said before that I did use Keen once upon a time – for like two weeks, and I didn’t like it then.  I really don’t want to offer services through them.  The idea just doesn’t fit my purpose.

However, I did run across something interesting.  I found a site called Psychic Access. They claimed that they actually interview and test the psychics on their site.  Being the open minded skeptic that I am, I had to try this out, so I signed up and used the free six minute reading.  I talked to Dr. Rachel about a problem I’ve been having with one of my cats, and she seemed right on target with her recommendations.  The reading was short, so i didn’t ask her too much more, but I would recommend her for anyone having pet issues.  Her profile says, “I am a 3rd generation medium, remote viewer, and animal communicator with 45+ years experience helping people. My specialty is giving detailed & specific information, but most of all, I won’t just give you answers, but solutions to your concerns.”

Becoming a bit more open minded, I decided to add some money to my account and “test” someone else.  I called Quantumatters, who is actually a nice man named Steve, and I talked to him about my work.  He picked up on exactly what I needed to talk to him about.  Steve is kind and accurate.  I also asked him about my husband’s career, and he told me something I was quite surprised about.  I guess I should have seen it coming, but it’s one of those things you don’t necessarily want to see.  There were no indications of this happening when I had my conversation with Steve.  I talked to my husband about it.  A few days later, a staff meeting had us both seeing Steve’s impressions could very likely come to pass.  The good news is that Steve also told me how this would actually be a blessing and gave me details of what good things would happen because of this change.  Had I not talked with Steve, I might be freaking out a bit right now.  😉 Quantumatters (Steve) profile says, “A born medium and powerful psychic, I will give you detailed insight into your current circumstances, unveil your unique life purpose, accurately predict your future, and even provide evidence from your loved ones in the spirit world.”  My husband will be calling him soon.

I have not personally tried the other psychics on this site, but I do feel good about referring clients to this company.  I do believe they put in a valiant effort at making sure there are quality professionals working for them.

Believing I had found a reputable company, I considered signing up with them to offer my services temporarily – as I thought to do with Keen.  However, they require their psychics to be online for a minimum of 20 hours per week.  With the construction issues, I know I’m not getting that much quiet time right now.  Once I am able to offer my services again, I definitely will not have 20 hours a week to spare, but I do understand why they have this requirement.  They do not have the quantity of psychics that Keen and others have, so they need to make sure someone is online to take your call.  I’ve always been one for quality over quantity, so I don’t mind there aren’t thousands of readers to choose from.  I only need one good one.

So, if you do need a reading, maybe give Psychic Access a try.  Another thing I really like about this company is that they have a clear way to contact them if you do have a problem with one of their psychics.  On a side note, when I was reading through Keen’s agreement, I noticed psychics are not allowed to give medical advice or lottery numbers.  They request that any psychic doing this be reported.  (I thought some of you would like to know this.)

You may have noticed the “page peel ads” (upper right hand corner of page) I’ve recently placed on the main free readings page.  This ad is for Psychic Access.  After realizing I like the company but couldn’t sign up to offer my services, I noticed they offer an affiliate program.  After reading through all of the information, I decided to become an affiliate with them.

Anyone who becomes a paying client through the ads on my site is considered a referral, and I will receive a small referral fee.  I want to make sure everyone understands that I am receiving something in return for my referrals, but that is not why I’m referring clients here.  There are many companies I could refer to, but I do honestly feel like this is a good one.

If you are a practitioner looking to grow your business, Psychic Access may be good for you as well.  There is definitely a process you have to go through.  They don’t accept those new to the field.  Basically, you have to show you’re good at what you do.  After that, they actually promote your services at no cost to you.  It’s the best deal I found online for practitioners and clients alike.

Click the banner below to give Psychic Access a try.  You get a free 6 minute reading just for registering!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,


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