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Angelic Astrology – February 2017

Angel Astrology

Angelic Astrology – February 2017

By Rev. Colleen, contributing writer for Angel Messenger

We start the month of February with all of the planets in forward (direct) motion until the 6th…..so, take advantage of the ease of getting things accomplished, activating some of your plans, and initiating some new energies!

The numerology vibration of February is a 12/3. The 3 energy is all about growth, expansion, learning, communication, and creative self-expression. It is a number that rules abundance and prosperity….both financially and otherwise. It is also a vibration that focuses on keeping your thoughts and beliefs in a positive place for we expand and create what we focus on……it would be just as easy to expand into drama or negativity as it would be to expand into opportunities and new directions.

12-Sacrifice-Awakening-CelticTarotThe 12th Major Arcana in the Tarot is The Hanged Man which is ruled by the planet Neptune. This is interesting as this is the month where the Sun transitions into Pisces, the sign that Neptune rules. Mercury will also be moving into this sign later in the month as well.

The energy of Pisces and Neptune, its ruling planet, is all about surrender, letting go, and merging with a higher spiritual energy. If you look at the symbolism of The Hanged Man, we see a man hanging upside down from one foot, usually from a tree branch. This indicates a couple of things in particular. First, it indicates that he is looking at things from a different perspective….he is changing his view and not perceiving things in the ordinary or typical way. Secondly, he has his feet in the realm of Spirit, instead of planted on the Earth….he is walking the spiritual path and allowing himself to be a channel between his ego personality and his Higher Self.

Again, this card rules “The Path of Surrender” and rather than feeling like a victim of circumstances beyond his control, the Hanged Man chooses to let go, and accept with trust and faith (Neptune qualities) what is going to happen next.

Now, let us look at the astrological highlights for this second month of the year.

How fitting that we start the month on February 1st and 2nd with Mercury, the planet that rules the mental realm, in a challenging aspect to Jupiter, ruler of our belief systems. This is about expanding beyond our everyday thoughts, ideas, and ways of thinking about things to perceive situations and circumstances from a higher perspective….it challenges us to look at what is happening from a different vantage point.

On February 3rd Venus, the planet that rules relationships, finances, and the Divine Feminine Energy, moves into the masculine, independent sign of Aries. The normal amount of time that Venus spends in a zodiac sign is anywhere from 23 – approximately 60 days, but in this case Venus will not move out of Aries (although moves back into Pisces for a short time in April) until June 8th because of a retrograde cycle that she will begin in early March. So, the Divine Feminine Energy will take a leadership role, with much strength and courage during the next few months!

The next significant energy we experience is Jupiter, the planet of expansion and growth, moving into retrograde motion at 23 degrees Libra on February 6th. He will be retrograde until June 9th, going all the way back to 13 degrees Libra before turning back to direct motion. Jupiter is about our belief systems and Libra is about equality and balance in relationships so, during this retrograde cycle, we will be focusing our attention on the various ideas and beliefs that we hold about our personal, cultural, and collective relationships with others.

On February 7th we have another personal planet changing signs. This time it is Mercury, ruler of the ego mind, moving into humanitarian Aquarius. This is a great place for Mercury to be as Aquarius is scientific, intelligent, and highly intuitive. Mercury will only be in this sign until February 25th but we can use this time to brainstorm new ideas, collaborate with others for the good of all, and receive messages of higher guidance from our Higher Selves, angels and guides, and Universal God Consciousness Energy.

This brings us to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 22 degrees Leo on February 10th! An eclipse always intensifies the energy of any lunation and this Full Moon is aspected very positively…..a sextile ( an aspect of opportunity) to Jupiter, the planet of Blessings…..a trine (an aspect of harmonious energy) to Saturn, planet of manifestation…..and another trine to Uranus, ruler of Higher Dimensional Energies. In fact, the Moon is in Fire sign Leo, Saturn is in Fire sign Sagittarius, and Uranus is in Fire sign Aries…..this Full Moon creates a Grand Trine in Fire which is highly creative and full of inspirational and creative energy! To take it a step further, Jupiter is in Libra during this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and sextiles the Moon and Saturn, and opposes Uranus. This creates a rare aspect pattern called a Kite. This creates opportunities to be the recipient of some wonderful blessings! How awesome is that! Remember….keep your thoughts and beliefs positive like the Hanged Man to create the best outcome!

On February 22nd Mars in Aries is challenging Pluto in Capricorn bringing in some major transformation..….perhaps a new direction….and powerful Death & Rebirth energies. We may have some trepidation or fear about what is occurring but if we stay positive we can “see” this as a push from Spirit to move us into new territory.

Mercury then moves into Pisces on February 25th, joining the Sun who made his transition to this spiritual sign on the 18th. Now, it is time to surrender and go with the flow where Spirit, the Universe, and God is directing you to go next.

A New Moon Solar Eclipse at 8 degrees Pisces marks a new beginning on the spiritual level on February 26th. This eclipse is conjunct Neptune, ruler of the Unconditional Love of the Universe, and very close to the South Node (the past) and Mercury (our thoughts) all in the watery realm of Pisces. It will be interesting and exciting to see what changes these eclipse energies bring for the month and in the weeks ahead!

Please be sure to watch the Monthly Angel Card Reading Video for February 2017 below and watch my weekly readings on my YouTube channel, Angel Messenger website, or on my Facebook page to hear what messages our angels and guides share with us for the upcoming month!

Many Blessings of Love and Light to You!

Light to All,

Colleen Lemma

Angelic Astrologer & Spiritual Consultant

Monthly Angel Card Reading for February 2017

The cards used for the main message in this reading are Doreen Virtue’s Angels Tarot  Deck. For the special messages, Rev. Colleen uses the Archangel Michael Deck also by Doreen Virtue.

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Rev. Colleen is a Heavenly accurate Angelic Astrologer and Spiritual Consultant. She was one of our original Tested and Trusted Angel Messenger Practitioners and is currently a contributing author here at Angel Messenger.

With well over 15 years of experience, some say Colleen’s intuitive guidance is simply life changing. Readings with Colleen are a combination of Intuitive Astrology, Numerology and Tarot, along with Divine messages from her angels and guides, including the Archangels and Ascended Masters.

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