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Teamer Paw Print Heart Charm Bracelet

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*Special Offer While Supplies Last (Only One Per Address) No Code Needed. We will send you this bracelet with the purchase of your Teamer Paw Print Heart Charm Bracelet Bracelet.

Teamer Paw Print Heart Charm Bracelet

This beautiful bracelet is a high quality antique silver zinc alloy with a wheat chain braid and lobster claw clasp. The heart shaped charm has a black paw print. Chain length is about 8in but best fits wrist sizes up to 7.5 inches. Each bracelet also comes with a black velvet bag.

These bracelets also have a higher purpose ... 22% of every bracelet sold will be given to support Re's private project called "Pit Pals".

Pit Pals is a project that my son and I have been wanting to create for a couple of years, and now we have finally figured out a way to do it. We are raising money to buy new collars, toys and possibly even beds for shelter pets ... because studies have shown that these things make shelter pets happier pets and happier pets get adopted faster ... meaning those poor little babies in cages spend less time there.

We have already made cash donations to the Capital Area Humane Society in Lansing, MI. And, just recently, we were able to send some things from an Amazon wish list to Detroit Dog Rescue. We are excited to be able to do more! <3

There is a blessing included with these bracelets ...

Thank you for considering purchasing this bracelet and being a part of something bigger. I blessed this group of bracelets on a full moon. My intention was to focus the intention of Unconditional Love into these bracelets and so that those who would wear them would be Beacons of this energy in our world ... because It Is SO NEEDED!!! (I also charged these bracelets with being a protective amulet for those who wear them, to bring love and protection to the wearer.)

Our Pit Pals project is very important to my son and myself. Our family has rescued two pit bulls ourselves, and they have been the best dogs. We've also rescued 3 litters of kittens that others left behind, but it just feels like it's not enough. I can't walk into an animal shelter because it just breaks my heart seeing all those animals just so broken-hearted. Even though the pain of my illness limits what I can do, we have come up with this idea. This is a bracelet we have purchased to sell, but we may make some in the future.

22 is the energy of the Master Builder, and I am hoping that what we are beginning here is something that will be long lasting. Maybe it's beginning with bracelets, but I hope it will develop into something bigger. I wish we could save them all!

Will you help me? In purchasing one of these bracelets, not only are you buying something beautiful for yourself or a friend, you are making a donation to a great cause, and you are helping to raise the vibration of our consciousness to one of enlightenment. And, you will be gaining a blessing of love and protection, since you have given a gift of love (and hopefully protection) to a shelter pet.

Buy this bracelet in remembrance of a beloved pet, making a donation in their honor. I wear mine in remembrance of my first pit bull - Cheyenne. We are very sure she brought us Riley, our current pit, into our lives. I wear this bracelet to remind me that she still watches over us, and I hope she sees it and knows that I still remember and love her. <3

Blessed Be Brothers and Sisters! <3



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