Angel Hour – How the Universe Supports Our Growth

The Angel Hour by Angel Messenger

Our next Angel Hour is coming up next week Friday, June 13th (2014) at 1pm Eastern. (Use this Time Zone Converter to see this in your time zone.) 

Rev. Colleen, Heidi and myself will be discussing How the Universe Supports Our Growth

If you have ever experienced hardships or challenges in your life and wondered what the purpose of it all was, then we hope you will join us for this LIVE show where you’ll find how you can learn to harmonize these hardships and move on from challenges.  Find out how the universe gives us opportunities for growth – opportunities that can be found in the road map of the stars.

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I hope to talk with you then,

Rev. Sheri

About Rev. Sheri

Rev. Sheri is an advocate for spiritual growth and education who is dedicated to helping others communicate with Heaven – without the need for an intermediary.

She is the founder of Angel Messenger, a website that provides free online Angel card readings to hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors. Learn more about Rev. Sheri here.

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