Archangel Gabrielle is one of my favorite archangels.  She has a loving, feminine energy and nurtures all those who ask for her help.

Gabrielle (aka Gabriel) is known as the “angel of communication”, mostly known for delivering the message regarding the birth of Christ.  Gabrielle is a wonderful coach and mentor for those with a life purpose involving communication or the arts.  If you have a book you’ve been trying to finish, she’s your girl.  Call on Gabrielle for help, but be prepared to accept the help she offers.  Sometimes Gabrielle’s energy can push you, so make sure that’s what you’re asking for.

Archangel Gabrielle is also the archangel to call upon for help with nurturing yourself and others.  She is wonderful for help with parenting, especially when it comes to spiritually unique children.

One of the ways Archangel Gabrielle continues to help me is by nurturing my self-confidence.  I tend to doubt myself which hinders my ability to help others and succeed on my personal journey and life purpose.  Gabrielle has a strong yet nurturing energy that helps me to find courage in my self and faith in my abilities.  I have much more to offer than my psychic services, and Gabrielle is helping me to offer the rest of what I hold inside.  She can help you, too!  :)

Angel Blessings,

Rev. Sheri

This card is from the “Messages from Your Angels” Oracle Card Deck by Doreen Virtue. For a deeper explanation by the author, consider purchasing this deck. Each deck comes with a guidebook that includes directions and layouts as well as detailed explanations of each card. Doreen’s products can be found on and the Angel Therapy Bookstore.  There is now also a mobile app available for this deck!